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Need to go somewhere you have never been before?

Old School Adventure Motorcycling. Man (or woman) and motorcycle exploring the world. No glossy brochures, no smooth marketing dvds or celebrity adventure guides.

Would you like to sit around the pool of a 5 star holiday resort and talk to your buddies about accessorising your custom built cafe racer while sipping on cocktails and scrolling through your Facebook feed on your spy phone? Then this may not be for you.


End Of Year Soiree & Film Launch.
The event of the year not to be missed and totally free!!
Join us on Saturday 16th December at Raw Pako, Geelong for an evening of tales, adventure, classic Royal Enfields, live music, guest speakers, craft beers and much much more...

We will be launching our amazing new documentatary adventure which follows three local ladies as they tackle Rajsthan on Royal Enfields. This must not be missed and will be the worlds first premier launch event! Folow these these 3 ladies heart felt journey and meet them in person on the night for a chat!

We will be showcasing our Royal Enfield Motorcycles and have some amazing special offers on the night. Visit the Royal Enfield Merchandise tent for some very cool bargain T Shirts, gear and the perfect Christmas gifts all at reduced prices. AND JUST ANNOUNCED - The all new 650cc TWINS will be on display - Bothe Intercepter and Continental GT!! The long awaited models are here in Geelong for one night before heading to the United States.

Find out all about our adventures and what is happening in 2018 and 2019. Perhaps grab yourself a last minute adventure of a lifetime!

Hear the talented and renowned motor journalist and author Graeme Sedgewick talk of his experience in Rajasthan and with the Royal Enfield Himalaya.

Listen and dance to the feat stomping tunes of Melbourne outfit The Jacksonville Trial

Taste the delicious craft beers and foods of the region at this amazing venue - PAKO RAW - Geelong.

And we will be drawing the winner for the all expenses paid motorcycling tour to India on the night and loads of other great prizes and give aways!!

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RAJASTHAN RAMPAGE – Ride more. Routine less.


“It’s not everyday you receive an email asking if you’d be interested in going to India to ride Royal Enfields across the Rajasthan desert with a film crew and a professional photographer. That’s exactly what happened at the end of last year”

Read the full article here: http://www.pipeburn.com/home/2017/09/23/rajasthan-rampage-ride-routine-less.html

Words by Scott Hopkin | Photography by Jason Lau


Nepal and South India

All prices include international return flights and insurance

South India Cruising

Mountains, Beaches and backwaters of the tropical south west
  • 16th Jan to 30th Jan 2018 - SOLD OUT!
  • 20th of Nov - 1st of Dec 2018
  • 16th Jan - 27th Jan 2019
  • 20th of Nov - 1st of Dec 2019


The Search For The Lost Tibetan Kingdom
  • 9th May to 20th May 2018
  • 9th May to 20th May 2019

Get a Taste of the Himalayan Rumble

Learn More...

Adventure Motorbike Trip & Guided Tours

Motorcycle trips are becoming more popular for adventurous Aussies. Taking a motorcycle tour around Australia is definitely fun, but it isn’t as thrilling or exotic as doing the same thing in faraway places such as India and Nepal.

Are you looking to escape your 9-5 for a while, or do you want to go on an adventure that doesn’t involve all-inclusive resorts and predetermined day trips? If so, join us and take a touring motorcycle trip with Nevermind Adventure.

Why should you choose a motorbike holiday?

There are endless reasons why people are choosing motorcycle holidays over all others and we’re about to list some of the most common:

  • Freedom. Motorcycle tours give you freedom. There’s no question about it. You make the decisions. You’re in control.
  • Experience nature by getting up close and personal with your surroundings. Seeing the world go by from the window of a car is nothing like feeling it from the back of a bike. You hear the sounds and feel the wind blowing in your face, which is a sensation like no other.
  • You see what life is really like. Passing through a small rural village on the back of a bike lets you fully appreciate how people actually live.
  • An adventure touring motorcycle trip is exciting. It’s much more exciting than a regular commute to work. Spending long hours on the open road and not knowing what lies around the corner is truly electrifying.
  • Riders get a chance to live life to the full. This is an overused statement but it’s 100% true for anyone brave enough to go on motorbike tours.
  • You’ll get to leave your comfort zone. Imagine riding on a long road in the middle of rural India with the sights and smells accompanying you for the journey. It will be an experience you’ll never forget.

What We Offer at Nevermind Adventure:

We offer the ultimate adventure motorcycle tour of India and Nepal. Experience raw India with our 10 to 18 days motorcycle tours through Rajasthan or the Himalayas. We provide the bike, sort out places to stay and deal with all the planning and maintenance. We’re experienced and have done these routes several times so you don’t have to worry.


Guided motorcycle tours with Nevermind Adventure can give you one of the most memorable experiences of your life. We take you through the small rural villages to give you an insight into the local culture. We also pass through deserts, mountains and the most scenic routes possible.

You will come away from your trip with a newfound appreciation for adventure and all that comes with it.

Want to know more? Get in touch!

Are you adventurous and tough enough to ride a motorbike through rural India?

If so, give us a call today on +61 498466465 or drop us an email at admin@nevermindadventure.com.

You can also visit us in person to discuss the trip; we have branches in Geelong and Freemantle. We’re ready and waiting to talk about our tours in more detail and we’ll support you through your decision to go on the trip of a lifetime. Hide Content

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Rajasthan Adventures

All prices include international return flights and insurance

2018/2019 DATES - 10 Day adventure

BE QUICK! Due to popular demand we have opened up another Rajasthani Adventure.
  • 2nd Feb to 11th Feb 2018
  • 19th Oct to 28th Oct 2018
  • 7th Oct to 17th Oct 2018
  • 2nd Nov to 11th Nov 2018
  • 2nd Feb to 11th Feb 2019
  • 19th Oct to 28th Oct 2019
  • 7th Oct to 17th Oct 2019
  • 2nd Nov to 11th Nov 2019

2018/2019 DATES – 15 DAY ADVENTURE

  • 15th Feb – 1st March 2018 - SOLD OUT!
  • 15th Feb – 1st March 2019


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Himalayan Rumble

High Altitude Carnage
All prices include international return flights and insurance

2018/2019 Dates - 12 Day Adventure

Be Quick
  • 5th Jul to 16th July 2018
  • 22nd Jul to 2nd August 2018 - SOLD OUT
  • 6 Aug to 17 Aug 2018
  • 21 Aug to 1 Sept 2018
  • 5th Jul to 16th July 2019
  • 22nd Jul to 2nd August 2019
  • 6 Aug to 17 Aug 2019
  • 21 Aug to 1 Sept 2019

2018/2019 Dates - 18 Day Adventure

Be Quick
  • 17th Jun to 4th Jul 2018 - SOLD OUT
  • 6th Aug to 23rd Aug 2018 - SOLD OUT
  • 17th Jun to 4th Jul 2019
  • 6th Aug to 23rd Aug 2019

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