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Need to go somewhere that you have never been before?

Old School Adventure Motorcycling. Man (or woman) and motorcycle exploring the world. No glossy brochures, no smooth marketing dvds or celebrity adventure guides.

Would you like to sit around the pool of a 5 star holiday resort and talk to your buddies about accessorising your custom built cafe racer while sipping on cocktails and scrolling through your Facebook feed on your spy phone? Then this may not be for you.


Nepal and South India

South India Cruising

Mountains, Beaches and backwaters of the tropical south west
  • 19th Jan to 30th Jan 2017
  • 19th Jan to 30th Jan 2018


The Search For The Lost Tibetan Kingdom
  • 24th April to 5th May 2017
  • 24th April to 5th May 2018

Get a Taste of the Himalayan Rumble

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Rajasthan Adventures

2016 Dates - 10 Day adventure

  • October - SOLD OUT!
  • November - SOLD OUT!

2017/2018 DATES - 10 Day adventure

BE QUICK! Due to popular demand we have opened up another Rajasthani Adventure.
  • 23rd Jan to 1st Feb 2017
  • 3rd Feb to 12th Feb 2017 - SOLD OUT!
  • 19th Oct to 28th Oct 2017
  • 3rd Feb to 12th Feb 2018
  • 19th Oct to 28th Oct 2018

2017/2018 DATES – 15 DAY ADVENTURE

  • 15th Feb – 1st March 2017
  • 15th Feb – 1st March 2018

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The Last Frontier

Jungles and Tribes of the Remote Himalayas

2016 Dates

  • 20th November to 5th Dec - SOLD OUT!
  • 4th December to the 18th Dec - SOLD OUT!

2017 Dates

  • 5th January to 19th January - SOLD OUT
  • 23rd January to 6th February - SOLD OUT
  • 20th Nov to 5th Dec 2017

2018 Dates

  • 20th Nov to 5th Dec 2018

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Himalayan Rumble

High Altitude Carnage


2016 Dates - 12 day adventure 

  • 7th July 2016 - SOLD OUT
  • 22nd July 2016 - SOLD OUT

2016 Dates - 18 day adventure

Himalayan Overlander
  • 17th June 2016 SOLD OUT 
  • 6th August 2016 filling up fast!

2017/2018 Dates - 12 Day Adventure

Be Quick
  • 5th Jul to 16th July 2017
  • 5th Jul to 16th July 2018

2017/2018 Dates - 18 Day Adventure

Be Quick
  • 17th Jun to 4th Jul 2017 SOLD OUT
  • 6th Aug to 22nd Aug 2017
  • 17th Jun to 4th Jul 2018

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Our Comrades

  • " Hi Nevermind crew - just completed my adventure and it was truly amazing- from day one of the trip to my final ride it was challenging, scary and amazing- so thankyou so much- Andrew our leader would have taken a bullet for anyone of us- I can't understand how any staff member of Nevermind could be so completely prepared to put his own self at risk just to ensure a client is safe/comfortable/and enjoying the Nevermind experience to the fullest- Andrew is amazing and I thank him for my advent.."

    Adrian Slater
  • "How lucky was I . Lazy Sunday walking though Fremantle Markets ,Pick up a brochure in a leather Bag shop & it turns into the best Adventure God ever blew breath into ! I am a Rogue .& I will be back . Bob "Holiday" Sanders .."

    Bob Sanders
  • " Nevermind promised a trip full of twists, turns, pain and frustration and they lived up to their name. From day one we experienced the real India. Riding on the painful backroads enabled us to see places that tourists normally don't go. Thrills and spills were the order of the day but we bounced back up with a big grin on our faces, dusted ourselves off and carried on. I personally experienced more in the trip than most would in a lifetime. Great bunch of riding companions, great Indian guid.."

    Phil - Geraldton
  • "To Potential Indian Adventurer I signed up and went on the October 2014 Rajasthan adventure It was a spur of the moment thing, I had never even considered going to India before and am a casual weekend rider on the wrong side of 50. Matt had a spare bike and I had my wife’s permission. Hey! She organised it, could have been dangerous. I had one of the greatest experiences of my life Here’s why........ Matt and his teams approach is relaxed and fun, but they were switch.."

    Rob Nolan
  • " Matt you are a legend for pulling of an amazing adventure. I've experienced many things in India over 30 years of visiting the country but this ride has been an absolute cracker! with great people to boot. To Nevermind and team thank you for your friendship and particularly for showing us a side of India few ever get to experience. What you guys have done with the School In Agra to change the lives of entire families and loads of children is a wonderful achievement that will always be rememb.."

    Craig - NSW
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We are not going to hold your hand or guarantee your safety. What we do is dangerous and we make no apologies for that, living life is sometimes bad for your health.

30 Nevermind Adventure - Great Ocean Road Motorcycling Adventures up for grabs!
20th Oct 2016

30 Nevermind Adventure - Great Ocean Road Motorcycling Adventures up for grabs!

Posted by Nevermind Adventure
So you don't have a motorcycle licence?
20th Sept 2016

So you don't have a motorcycle licence?

Posted by Nevermind Adventure
VIP Party - All Welcome!
24th Sept 2016

VIP Party - All Welcome!

Posted by Nevermind Adventure
"So why do we need a fucking government anyway Tim?"
8th July 2016

"So why do we need a fucking government anyway Tim?"

Posted by Nevermind Adventure

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