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Adventure Tours in India

Does your perfect idea of a motorbike trip involve straight roads and over organised itineraries with no surprises or adventure? If so, our motorbike tours probably aren’t for you.

At Nevermind Adventure, we’re much more extreme than that. We don’t care much for super smooth highways and boring roads, we like the unfamiliar, stepping outside our comfort zone and hanging out with people that are different from us.

Choose Nevermind Adventure for Real Exploration

Instead, we like to push ourselves and redefine our comfort zone. We take our motorbike tours in India and the Himalayas, areas of the world where there aren’t too many smooth roads and adventure can be found in abundance.

These tours allow riders to see life from a different perspective in a completely different culture and environment. Our tours are designed to let riders get up close and personal with India and its breath-taking landscapes.

We pass through several states in India with an experienced guide at the front of our group. The trips range from a 10 to 18 day period and each one is packed with new and very different adventures.

What To Expect from your Motorcycle Tours India

With our adventure tours in India, you can expect to have an authentic experience. You won’t be driving on 6 lane highways and eating in 5 star restaurants. We’ll take you through the stunning mountains and countryside and backroads instead.

The views are simply breath-taking and our routes will take you to places that you wouldn’t normally get the chance to visit. From remote villages that have never seen a westerner to deserts and jungles, you will also get to experience the India and have the best motorcycle tour Nepal has to offer, that regular tourists don’t.

What We Offer…

  • The price for our India motorcycle tours includes everything.
  • We will pay for your flights to and from Delhi from any mainland capital city in Australia.
  • When you arrive in India, we’ll provide all the accommodation and meals.
  • When you land, we will pick you up and take you to the bike pick-up point.
  • Once we set off, we have experienced guides and a support vehicle that will follow behind for repair work or emergencies.
  • All your insurance personal and bike insurance
  • Current model 500cc Royal Enfield Motorcycle
  • Support vehicle mechanics and medics
  • Free complimentary full day Royal Enfield motorcycle tour of The Great Ocean Road
  • We will even pay for you to get your Licence!

All you need is to be familiar with riding a bike and be brave enough to commit to it. Don’t expect to be pampered or to see India in a sugar-coated way; we’ll get down and dirty and you’re going to love it!

How to Get in Touch with Us

If this all sounds exciting to you, don’t hesitate to give us a call on +61 498466465. You can also send email us at

If you want to drop by in person to see us and chat some more about our tours in India, we have branches in Victoria (Geelong) and Western Australia (Fremantle).

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