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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Confirmed booking.

  • Booking will be confirmed on receipt of booking form and a $1000 deposit (with the exception of Great Ocean Road Rides and Tasmanian Tours)
  • Full balance of payment is due eight weeks prior to departure. Failure to make payment within time may result in losing your place and forfeiting your deposit.
  • Cancellation policy. In the event that you are unable to attend your trip please advise us immediately. All deposits are non-refundable however we will endeavour to seek an outcome by agreement satisfactory to all parties such as transfer to a later trip​ or insurance claim.​


  • Adventure travel to remote destinations, particularly within India, and particularly by motorcycle, is an inherently dangerous thing to do. Although we take every care and precaution to ensure your safety and comfort sometimes things do go wrong. By signing the attached form or completing this online booking you acknowledge that the nature of travel conducted and facilitated by Nevermind Adventure can be dangerous and result in serious injury or even death. If you have serious reservations or concerns about this then perhaps reconsider whether this type of travel is appropriate for you.
  • In the event that you miss the departure for any other reason we will attempt to have you meet up with the rest of the group at a later stage at your expense. Unfortunately, at this stage we cannot offer a refund.
  • Our vehicles are fully insured however you are responsible for excess fee. In the event of any damage to the vehicle up to $1000 while in your possession and operation (relevant to motorcycle riders and drivers only). You have the option to reduce the insurance excess to $0 for a fee of $20 per day which will cover everything other than damage resulting from blatant vehicle abuse.
  • Bond. A $1000 fully refundable bond applies to all Riders/drivers that do not wish to take out the excess reduction. Bonds are fully refunded minus any vehicle damages within four weeks after the trip.
  • Indian tourist visa, vaccinations and items of a personal nature are your responsibility. Please contact us if you would like us assistance and advice with regards to these matters.
  • Motorcycle riders/Drivers are responsible for obtaining and holding a relevant licence to ride a 500cc motorcycle within their own country of residence.


  • Tour inclusions are as per the promoted tour dates. This means that inclusions will start on the first day of the tour (If tour dates are the 5th July to the 16th July then inclusions start the 5th July and end once dropped back at the hotel on the last day say the 16th July). A 12 day tour in this case will include 12 days and 11 nights of tour inclusions. Everything outside of these dates is not included other than airport pick up and drop offs within 2 days either side of the tour dates.
  • Packages include international return flight from any Australian capital city, airport pickups, domestic train fares and private coach transfers, travel insurance (assuming standard PDS of provider) accommodation (twin share), recent model well maintained vehicles, three freshly cooked main meals per day. Local guides, support vehicle, mechanical support, first aid, fuel and pre-arranged entertainment are also included.
  • Alcoholic beverages, bottled water, snacks, coffee and tea are not included. Entrance fees to​ Major tourist attractions​ and sightseeing​ such as are not included. Laundry service is available however not included. Taxis, rickshaws and other short distance transport is not included. Basically if you order something, you be expected to pay for it.
  • Safety gear, medicines and basic first aid equipment, wet weather gear and protective clothing is your responsibility.
  • In the event that you get sick or injured our tour leaders will administer first aid treatment and if required and safe to do so will then transport you or arrange transport to the nearest reputable medical establishment. If medical evacuation is required this will be arranged in consultation with your next of kin, travel insurance provider or if you insist then we can arrange at your own expense.


  • Itineraries should be seen as a guide only and are subject to change without notice due to a range of events outside our control. We endeavour to stick as closely as possible to the promoted itinerary however sometimes are required to make changes such as accommodations or alternative routes.
  • Communications are hit and miss in India. Sim cards can be obtained however this is your responsibility. We have several Indian mobile phones that you are welcome to take calls on or you use on a user pays basis.
  • Tour leader has discretion on fit to ride. If for any reason they consider you unsafe or unfit to ride, their say is final.
  • All accommodation will be clean and comfortable to the best of our ability and knowledge. However, as these are provided by a third party in sometimes remote areas we cannot guarantee quality at all times. They will generally have hot showers, air con, clean sheets and bedding, towels, and western toilets and toilet paper. If your room does not have any of these please advise hotel management and they will endeavour to fix it. We have carefully selected all of our accommodation providers specifically for the amazing hospitality and the ability to provide these basic human needs at least most of the time.
  • Accommodation is provided twin share - each room will have two single beds and you will be sharing with someone. If you would prefer your own room, then please advise us as soon as possible and we will see if we can arrange extra rooms. Single room supplement is $70 per day.

Nevermind Adventure provides medical emergency support, assistance and evacuation if required through partner organisation Global Rescue. Personal property is not covered by this agreement so it is recommended you consider a personal travel insurance policy to cover your valuables.

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